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Woozworld: The Virtual Fashion World Has Been Thrown Open Here For You

The game of Woozworld, allows you to join a virtual world full of fashionable people. These people express their style in the form of their weekly designed clothes. The different styles of clothes that you design will be brining you a step closer to stardom. A person can become a movie star, celebrity or model with the help of the designer clothes being shown here.

Style yourself

There are thousands of hairstyles as well as dresses for you to use within this game. Not only can gamers design clothes here, but also the rooms and furniture. The entire life story of a character can be written by playing this game of fashion. You can create dresses and styles for different occasions such as parties or contests.


Every week, there are new competitions for the gamers in Woozworld. These quests and contests always make the gamers hungry for more. There are millions of people with whom you can meet and interact on course of playing this game. You need to always ensure that the woozen character of yours have proper dresses and hairstyles.

Discover the world of fashion

When you are getting the chic dress or hairstyle, you are actually becoming a part of the in game fashion brigade. You have the chance of organizing and hosting parties, which are glamourous affairs. From the millions of rooms present in the game, one can get news of the latest fashion trends. Different new clothes are added regularly in the game to ensure that the character stays in style.

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