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Second Life: Explore and Socialize In a Limitless Expanse of Simulation

In the game Second Life, players create customized avatars of their own and set out to explore the practically limitless virtual world. There are absolutely no objectives that one has to fulfill here, as players can do literally whatever they wish to. The simulations also known as sims are zones, just like in the movies. People can literally create anything they want out here.

Create what you want

Staying true to its sandbox nature, the game allows you to create whatever you want to. Gamers simply need to imagine what they want and the game will allow them to create it. The different vehicles and textures are created here by use of 3 D modelling. Players are also allowed to create objects with which they can interact with.


The innumerable customizations that one can do in Second Life, makes it a favorite among fans. Everything, right from skin to, body parts and hair style of the game avatar can be redesigned. The entire gaming community is quite varied and provides something for everyone. You can play roles as well as socialize with fellow gamers here.

Engaging in trade

Gamers have the liberty of spending real world currency notes while playing this game. All the trading takes place in the game website. The built in voice chat makes the game even more immersive in nature. If players feel like interacting with others, they can make use of the in-built messenger that also has a webcam. This game has all the ingredients to keep people hooked.

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