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Sylestia (Virtual Pets Game): An Amazing Fun Game

Everyone loves to pet their favourite animals and nurture them all day long. But have you ever played a game that will allow you to raise pets virtually? If not then get Sylestia (Virtual Pets Game) on your smartphone today. It is all that you need to have if you are unable to pet a living animal.

About this interesting game

This game is free-to-play and gives the highest dose of satisfaction to the animal lovers. A player can raise virtual pets in it and shower them with love and care. More than 20 spices of animals are available in the game and a player can get a large number of options with them.

One has to choose his favourite variant from the animals available and then pet it just as he would do with a real one. He can breed them and nurture the small kids that have taken birth. This will allow the player to have more than one pet with many such hatchlings. He can also create a new avatar of his choice and sell them within the game for fun.


  • A player can choose a pet from a wide variety of animal
  • He will have to nurture them, breed them, and also take part in contests held or pets
  • The player is allowed to create a customized avatar of his pet and sell it
  • Sylestia (Virtual Pets Game) is a free-to-play game that can be joined by a kid of minimum 13 years

Therefore, if you are allergic to pets in reality but want to raise one desperately, then start playing this game for having great fun.

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