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Today, Role-Playing games have captured the digital game market aggressively with many new introductions every day. But the games revolving around the battles of superheroes are very common and to give them a tough competition Star Stable has arrived. Learn more about the features of the game below and design your magical world accordingly.

About the game

This is a popular game where the player has to decide the look of her character and horse before indulging in the gameplay. She has to choose the perfect makeup, hairstyle, and eye color of her choice. Once she is done, the character will be taken to the Moorland Stables that is located in Jorvik Island. This place has many coveted secrets and will be the starting point of the player’s journey.

In Star Stable, the player will have to take part in a large number of adventure activities that will win her Star Coins and Jorvik Shillings. She will have to participate in contests that are held every day along with tournaments and championship races. The game will keep the player engaged with exciting weekend events like fashion shows, treasure hunts, and some other interesting stuff.


  • The player has to design her look in the game with the selected hairstyle, makeup, and eye color. She will also have to give her horse a good makeover
  • She will have to participate in quests, races, and championships
  • The player can win Star Coins and Jorvik Shillings with each achievement
  • The game hosts exciting events on weekends like fashion shows, disco nights, etc.

So, make haste and get the game today for seamless entertainment.

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