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Are you fond of animals and want to create a zoo of your own? Then you should download the game My Free Zoo from the play store and start building your zoo with the animals of your choice. This article will take you for a ride on this game and help you learn about its gameplay and features.

About the game

In this game, the player will be given the control of a zoo that has lost its popularity with time. He will have to get this zoo back in business and work aggressively towards increasing its portfolio. The zoo might get shut down if it continues to lose popularity and the player has to take it as a challenge and prevent the shutdown.

Huge working space will be allotted to the player in which he will have to build the zoo conveniently. He can also buy some extra space if his business picks up the pace. The player has to get a wide variety of animals for the zoo that can attract the visitors and help his business flourish.

Features of the game

  • The player has to reestablish a zoo that went out of business
  • He will have to build the zoo from scratch, add attractive animals, and make useful business strategies
  • In My Free Zoo, the player can win a lot of rewards and progress points if he can achieve a milestone

This game has been designed with a lot of animated objects that look real. Therefore, if you want to enjoy a real zoo on your smartphone, then download this game today.

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