Animal Jam

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Animal Jam: Go On a Wild Animal Adventure and Discover New Things

The Animal Jam game itself starts with a very cheery female voiceover. There is a certain selection of animals, such as rabbits and pandas for you to choose from. The young gamers are then told about moving around the gaming world, much like in any other RPG type game. People need to make use of the in game currencies such as gems and diamonds within the game.

Simplistic game

There are lots of educational content sprinkled throughout the game, which is handy for kids. There are posters and museums that gamers can view within the game. It tells a bit about the depleting flora and fauna all around the world. Young children have a lot to learn by playing this particular game.


The movement happens here by clicking of the mouse on a certain area and making the character move there. The UI associated with Animal Jam, is fairly helpful in nature and allows you to figure things out as you progress through the game. Different small elements and their placements in the game are a little difficult to remember in the beginning but people get used to them with time.

Graphics in the game

The music in the game suits the theme effortlessly. The graphics are cute in most places and are designed to give a fantasyland like feel. The community like feel that one can get by playing this game, is amazing in nature. Children as well as adults can learn a lot about the environment and nature by playing this game.

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